What does the word accountability really mean? Let’s break it down…

#1 Account
This word can mean an actual account relating to banks and finances or it can mean “to monitor” or “to keep track of”; to be responsible for something. Either way, there is a sense of responsibility attached to the word.

#2 Ability
This is all about having the knowledge or skill to perform a certain task. Bring those words and meanings together and we have “Accountability”, How does this tie into working with a personal trainer? First of all, responsibility has been placed in the hands of the trainer to take the necessary course of actions to deliver results for a client. Not only do you want to see results, but your results are a direct reflection on your trainer’s skills and expertise. This is their job, their livelihood, and if you succeed, your trainer succeeds.

Spending money is a great motivator. You pay for your trainer’s knowledge and expertise because you want to reach a personal fitness goal. If money is involved, are you going to slack off? Most likely not! Why pay for something that you don’t plan on taking full advantage of?

Accountability during your workout is very important. Exercising is tough and tiring. Not only can a trainer make sure your programming is aligned with your fitness goals, but will hold you accountable while you’re working out. There will be no skipped reps when you have a trainer by your side motivating you along the way! I will ensure you do the right exercises, even the tough ones, with the right amount of weight to reach your goals.

If you fall off track, you’ll have to answer for it. Your progress will be tracked. If you skip workouts, or eat unhealthy foods I’ll know It, this will reflect in your results!