Science Based

Nutritional 40:40:20
Lean protein / Complex carbohydrate / Healthy fats

40% lean protein 40% complex carbohydrates and 20% healthy fats. This is a scientifically proven approach to a balanced eating based on years of extensive research. This formula will help support fat loss, achieve a healthy weight, manage insulin resistance, & control sugar spikes. This will help you stay satisfied longer & stay on track with the perfect balance of macronutrients to reduce fat & keep it off. The way it works is that your not cutting out important nutrients your body needs for normal body functions like fats & carbohydrates, were just adding healthier ones to your diet.

Science based training program


I use the advanced science of Muscle Confusion, your body will NEVER PLATEAU.

I change your workouts every session & utilize four of the most effective forms of exercise in a weekly rotation. This well organized training system keeps your body from never adapting to your workout routine. When your body adapts to your workouts it goes into a conditioning phase also know as maintenance & thats why improvements slow down and plateauing will occur. Changing your routine & adding different forms of exercise shocks your body and maximizes your results. This keeps your body changing throughout the days, weeks, months, and even years. Weekly training cycles constantly challenge your muscles with variety and intensity. Multiple variations of exercises maximizes fat burning and muscle sculpting in different ways. No plateau effect means each week is as effective as the first.